New sprayer dedicated to soil strawberry production in the Friendly Fruit project.


The video presents the prototype of a new sprayer developed within the Friendly Fruit project

In the frame of the Friendly Fruit project, the objective is to develop a sprayer dedicated to soil strawberry production in order to

(1) increase pesticide efficiency,
(2) reduce volume of active ingredient and
(3) reduce operator exposure to phytosanitary treatment.

Spears are commonly used to apply pesticide on strawberry plants. A better efficiency could be achieved from machines able to mist the mixture of water and active ingredient and to shuffle the leaves. The mechanization division of Invenio will develop a sprayer adapted to soil strawberry production, in France and Morocco.

The expected impacts are a reduction of active ingredients used (up to 60 to 70%), low impacts on untargeted organisms, and low exposure for operators